Meet Our Executive Board


Kristen Mori


Kristen is a senior in Mathematical Statistics and Computer Science, with a minor in Spanish. Her favorite sport is football, and her favorite professional teams hail from Boston. She also works as a Boiler Gold Ambassador and Purdue Athletics tutor.


Brian Plunkett

Social Media

Brian is a Senior from Herndon Virginia and is studying Industrial Engineering. His hobbies include video games, karaoke, Harry's Chocolate Shop, Netflix, and playing on the club lacrosse team. He has a passion for all sports and joined SAP to learn about the way statistics can impact player's abilities. As social chair he is interested in making the club more interactive by having multiple events so that members can get to know each other outside of our meetings.


Hannah Jones

Vice President

What’s up! I’m Hannah, I’m a junior at Purdue studying Applied Statistics and Professional Writing. Purdue is my world, Purdue is my life… but after graduation I hope on working with working with analyzing people’s interaction with the entertainment business through digital platforms (apps, tv, websites y más). I currently work for Purdue Athletics and it’s, not being biased here, the coolest job on campus. Especially when your teams are good.


Jeffery Barrash


Jeffrey is a senior from Schaumburg Illinois studying statistics. He enjoys all things sports, watching, playing, video gaming, and analyzing. Jeffrey is an avid baseball fan and supports Chicago sports teams (except the Cubs). He helped form SAP and is currently the Treasurer.


Chad Garrett


Chad is a junior in Chemistry and minoring in History and Psychology.  He is from Carmel Indiana and is a big baseball fan and believes that the DH is the worst rule change in the history of sports.  His favorite team is the Cardinals and his least favorite is clearly the Cubs.

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