3/5/2018 NCAAM Top 25

It’s Monday and we’re only 6 days from Selection Sunday!  This week we had 8 SAP voters rank 36 different teams.  For another week we only had 2 teams enter and exit the polls with Rhode Island and Creighton falling out and Florida and St. Bonaventure moving into the top 25.

This week’s biggest movers were Rhode Island’s fall of 8 spots from 21st to unranked 29th and Florida’s rise 13 spots form 34th to 21st.

Here are this week’s rankings:

  1. Virginia (8 first place votes), 200 points
  2. Villanova, 178
  3. Duke, 174
  4. Gonzaga, 167
  5. Xavier, 166
  6. Michigan State, 161
  7. Purdue, 148
  8. Michigan, 146
  9. Cincinnati, 145
  10. Kansas, 131
  11. North Carolina, 119
  12. Auburn, 105
  13. Wichita State, 99
  14. Texas Tech, 96
  15. West Virginia, 78
  16. Tennessee, 76
  17. Arizona, 70
  18. Ohio State, 61
  19. Saint Mary’s, 52
  20. Clemson, 39
  21. Florida, 35
  22. Houston, 33
  23. TCU, 31
  24. Nevada, 29
  25. St. Bonaventure, 14

Received Votes: Loyola-Chicago 11, NC State 8, Kentucky 8, Rhode Island 5, Creighton 5 Seton Hall 4, Boise State 2, Butler 1, Miami 1, Texas A&M 1, Notre Dame 1

SAP Voting results through 17 weeks

Comments from a voter:

Duke has quietly fixed their defense and now looks like a legitimate title contender. With Marvin Bagley coming back from injury, watch out for the Blue Devils. They certainly have the most talented team in the NCAA and are starting to click.

Michigan State shot themselves in the foot this week by failing to advance through the B1G tournament. They are now 3-4 against quadrant 1 teams. They will be lucky if they get a 2 seed next week, especially with so many other teams about to make a push during conference tournaments. They have one of the most talented teams in the nation but just don’t seem to click.

The ACC just got a lot more interesting. Virginia should have a 1 seed locked up but with the injury to Kyle Guy, there are 10 teams who at least have a chance of making a run through the conference tournament.

Keep your eye on the SEC. Auburn and Tennessee are the favorites to win the conference tournament but there hasn’t been too much consistency from anybody in the conference this season. It’s possible that a team like Georgia or Missouri steals the auto-bid.

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